No Consequences, No Justice

I’m amazed by how nothing seems to happen as a result of the scandals occurring these days, any one of which seems far worse than Watergate, and would have surely brought down an administration had they occurred under a Republican President.  Pick your story, and tell me what the consequences were:

Fast & Furious


DOJ spying on AP reporters

IRS targeting conservative groups

DOJ targets Fox News reporter for criminal investigation

Drone strikes on American citizens

These appear to be unbelievable abuses of government power.  Yet has anything been changed as a result?  I recall the legacy media outlets were so quick to give voice to the “Bush Lied, People Died” mantra, and I remember the protests in the streets and at Crawford Ranch during the Bush administration.  As a result, there were multiple changes in government, resignations, Congressional inquiries, and special prosecutors.  But we see virtually nothing of consequence in response to the latest scandals from the Obama administration.

True, there are a few articles crying foul from the legacy mass media.  But with the exception of conservative news outlets, most of the “big names” have relegated the scandals to middle, or back pages, content to move on and focus their subsequent headlines on natural disasters and the President’s prom photos.

True, one person at the IRS was dismissed – but he was obviously a scapegoat. Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller was not in charge during the scandal and  was scheduled to retire within two months anyway. Another IRS employee took the 5th under Congressional investigation, after making a pious opening statement.  A half-hearted attempt at justice was made in asking for Lois Lerner’s resignation, but she refused.  Instead she was merely suspended, with full pay & benefits at the expense of the taxpayers.  Attorney General Eric Holder simply recused himself, and thus he is not held accountable for his role in any of these activities.

True, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has been asked a few tough questions.  But, his twists and turns, flip-flops, and obviously conflicting stories appear to go unchallenged after a week.

No one loses their job.  No one resigns.  No one goes to jail.  There are no consequences, and there is no justice.

Compare the scrutiny applied to water-boarding of three foreign combatants under Bush vs. the drone-killing of four American citizens under Obama.  Now, I shed no tears for these individuals killed by drones.  In my view, when you take up arms against the United States, you are clearly in traitorous territory, and thus forfeit your Constitutional rights.  However, they were American citizens, and much like the surviving Boston bomber, this is a murky legal area yet to be resolved.  But, I can’t help but imagine had the United States, under George Bush, killed American citizens with drones, what the outrage and violent protests would look like.

On a local level, Nathan Dunlap (the Chucky Cheese killer) was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in the state of Colorado, but John Hickenlooper found a clever way to shirk his duties as Governor.  It is his executive right to grant clemency or even a pardon.  But it is also his executive responsibility to carry out the law.  Instead he did nothing, opting to kick the can down the road by issuing a cowardly executive order to indefinitely stay the execution.  This is a slap in the face to the victims’ families, and serves no justice.  If the Governor takes exception to the death penalty, or believes it to be unfairly administered, as he claimed as justification for his actions, then he should make his case to the people and champion legislation to change the law.  In the meantime, it is the law, and it is his responsibility to see that the laws are carried out.  No justice for the victims, no justice for the families, no consequences for the killer.

Such a disturbing flurry of injustice, or worse, this has become a pattern of no consequences.


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