Iran and Insanity

I simply do not know what to do with this Iran issue. It seems to me that this problem represents the greatest turning point in our lifetime. I imagine the voices of 1938. What if they had risen up against the prevailing political theory of that era? They merely had the misfortune of not knowing what would happen. Given their inexperience, it was almost worth the gamble of appeasement. But now, in our time, with multiple, painful lessons of history to draw upon, we face the exact same challenge, now against a greater evil. And yet, the same ignorant voices of appeasement are winning the day.

Proponents of this “deal” with Iran claim the exact opposite of what is sure to come, which is most definitely a nuclear-armed, emboldened, more powerful, and disruptive Iran; an Iran who has repeatedly threatened the complete destruction of Israel and America. This is an Iran who vows to make good on its promise of “Death to America, Death to Israel“, were it ever to obtain the means of that destruction: a nuclear weapon.

Because I was born and raised American, I feel an instinctive passion that, in fact, we do have the ability to shape our government’s actions; that “we the people” can change the course of history. Perhaps it is uniquely an American trait, but I genuinely feel it is within our power to exercise our voice through our elected representatives, to enact our will through the democratic process, which we inherited from the Founding Fathers. With such conviction, I wrote to my Congressmen. I called upon my friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and even strangers, all to echo my demand to end this “deal” with Iran. However, I have reason to pause.

I have reason for despair. Just as in 1938, the dominant voices are clamoring for appeasement. There are loud calls for a deal at all costs. Sane debate has been drowned out, and rational thought has been beaten back into the shadows. Arguments from both the Left  and the Right are ignored.  It’s an upside-down world when even the President of the United States circumvents the Constitution and prostrates our fate to the United Nations in order to ram this “non-treaty” into binding international law.

My own family, of all people – the sons of my grandfather, who valiantly fought the Nazis – they are willfully ignorant of the painful truth of this “deal”. Instead of acknowledging the inevitable spread of Iranian terrorism, either directly or by proxy, they imply that I am the warmonger: an ignorant, anti-peace “right-wing” crazy. My own family casts me down. They can’t, or worse, they won’t see the unimaginable consequences of such a “deal” with the devil himself.

I never imagined how it must have felt to be in the minority, the likes of Winston Churchill. It seems so arrogant to compare myself to such an icon, but now I really understand how it is to be alone at the bottom – the depths of a lost hope. I know there are others, but it seems so very few of us who call for an end to this nonsense, this madness. And I am afraid. Even while screaming for a halt to this insanity, I fear we will see, we will witness horrors which 1938 could never imagine.

What more can we do? What more can I do?

I know I have a voice. I light my candle in the darkness. But, I wish I could do more.

If nothing else, I submit my conscience to the world, and ask for mankind’s forgiveness. Borrowing from Luke 23:34, “They know not what they do“.

These days, my only solace comes from the Chabad Siddur:
When the wicked thrive like grass, and all evildoers flourish – it is in order that they may be destroyed forever. But You, Lord, are exalted forever. Indeed, Your enemies, O Lord, indeed Your enemies shall perish; all evildoers shall be scattered.

I can only wait for that day.


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