No Such Thing As Demand Generation

It’s very common for marketeers to talk about something called demand generation.  Often it’s abbreviated as demand gen, or sometimes as lead gen, and these terms typically refer to the activities associated with “generating leads” for the sales department.  Often times, demand gen is viewed as the primary function of a marketing organization, and therefore […]

No Consequences, No Justice

I’m amazed by how nothing seems to happen as a result of the scandals occurring these days, any one of which seems far worse than Watergate, and would have surely brought down an administration had they occurred under a Republican President.  Pick your story, and tell me what the consequences were: Fast & Furious Benghazi […]

Scapegoat: Gun Control

In the wake of the horrible tragedy in Connecticut, the airwaves have exploded with opinions as to the causes behind this awful event.  The immediate conclusion drawn by many Congressmen, media personalities, and fellow citizens appears to be that guns are the problem, and what we need are stricter gun control laws.  One prominent commentator […]

Post Election Shock

I was truly shocked after this year’s Presidential election.  Stunned.  Crushed.  Depressed.  To me, the choice was clear, and I seriously thought that the vast majority of Americans would have selected Mitt Romney.  But they didn’t.  Instead, more than half of this country chose a different path.  Why?  I think the right messages got the […]