Are you “Generating Demand” for your product? If so, you are a Marketing Moron.

I keep hearing this term “Demand Generation” from the Marketing Morons. I call these people Marketing Morons because they have no idea what they are talking about, and they give true marketing professionals a bad reputation. It’s easy to spot them. They are the ones spewing a bunch of buzzwords and other nonsense designed to fool their […]

Why Would Anyone Vote For Trump?

It is often said that Presidential elections are about choosing the lesser of two evils. As Thomas Sowell explains time and again, “we can make our choices only among the alternatives actually available.” This year, I intend to vote for the Republican candidate for President. Unfortunately, that candidate is Donald Trump. Millions of Americans, including prominent Republicans, […]

Why Most People Think Marketing = Bullshit

How many times has this happened during a presentation? The presenter has just introduced themselves, opened their PowerPoint slide deck, and then blasts through the first four or five slides, dismissing them by saying, “I’m going to skip the Marketing slides.” I find this happens all too often, and it reflects poorly on Marketing as a profession, as […]

Customers buy what they KNOW, from people they TRUST.

I’ve been observing customer purchasing decision factors for some time, and I’ve always been curious about two things in particular:  What makes customers buy?  And, what makes them choose A over B? As the old career-networking advice goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.  When it comes to demand and fulfillment, it may actually […]

No Such Thing As Revenue Generation

My last blog covered the false premise of marketing “demand generation”.  In this next entry, I’d like to debunk another myth, one which surrounds the sales function: Revenue Generation.  Many marketeers, sales professionals, and executives alike believe that sales is a magically skilled function in the business, and that sales teams are capable of generating […]